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Whether you are a US Citizen living abroad or a Non-Resident Indian living in the US, we can help you become tax compliant, right from filing simple forms to late filings and much more.

Relocation Consultancy

We offer a full range of relocation consultancy and explain you everything that is applicable in your case from India and US tax point of view once you move to India from the USA or vice versa.

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We consult our clients on varied topics such as filing late tax returns, understanding capital gains of selling foreign property, and helping in planning to minimize the tax liability.

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Personalized expert consulting on Tax matters.

Anafin Consulting is a US and India tax preparation, advisory and consulting firm established to provide personalized tax and financial advice to US Expats, NRIs, and Indian residents.
Anafin has a team of professionally qualified CAs and CPAs in India and USA who have a thorough understanding, knowledge and experience of India and US tax laws as well as the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) signed between the two countries.

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